Tania Olivier was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She grew up in a small town in the

Northern suburbs - Durbanville. Throughout her life, Tania was fascinated with drawing, writing and photography. Her father inspired her from an early age to seek the detail in nature and to see beauty and simplicity through the lens of a camera. She learnt how to see things differently.

She cultivated her love for fine art in high school, and attended art classes under Francine Nepgin, an accomplished artist and mentor. Tania studied Graphic Design, and started up a small graphic design and printing company. She also continued painting and showing her works in different exhibitions.


Tania passionately believes that everyone has the inherent ability to develop skills to draw and even paint. Tania then developed a course for young children to develop right brain neuro pathways. This was so successful that she decided to host adult workshops from her home studio as well. She continued to write and present workshops for beginner artists. "Art Jamming" also became a regular activity at her studio.

Technological advances in the printing field made it possible for her to print original limited edition paintings and sketches on fabric and wood. She developed her own designer label - "Wild Swallow Homeware" and marketed her functional art products. 


Tania enjoys working mostly in oils, mixed media and acrylic. Subject matters include mostly around birds, flowers, boats, wild life and wine. Swallows are also a favourite subject for personal reasons and in high demand at exhibitions.

Her works are alive, filled with expression, colour and texture. As an artist, her unique style has progressed through the years and found the perfect niche in fresh and vibrant expression. Her works are engaging, focussed and yet free and bold. Strips of strong colour often resemble light fragments with a semi-abstract display in "depth of field".

Many of Tania’s art has found warm homes all over Europe and the USA. She is spreading her art wings abroad and had two solo international fine art exhibitions by invitation in Utrecht (Holland). 



Bloemendal Wijnhuis - Duo with Karen Yssl - 2005


Hocus Interior Design - Group Exhibition - 2005


Lindy van Niekerk Gallery - Group Exhibition - 2005


Absolute Art Gallery - Group Exhibition - 2009


Rust-en-Vrede Gallery - Solo Exhibition - 2010


Charity Art Auction - 2011

Ancient Spririt (Riebeeck Kasteel) - Group Exhibition - 2011


I love my Laundry - Solo Exhibition - 2013


Charity Art Auction - Group Exhibition - 2015


Neethlingshof Wine Estate - Solo Exhibition - 2015

The Winelands Art Gallery - 2016

Artscape Theatre - Group exhibition - 2016

Suzanne Elizabeth Gallery (Red Shed, Cape Town Waterfront) - 2017

Solo Art Exhibition - Maarssen, Utrecht - 2017


Art@ Constantia Gallery (Groot Constantia, Cape Town) - 2018

Solo Art Exhibition - Maarssen, Utrecht - 2018

Nomophelo with the painting of her
Nomophelo with the painting of her

Neethlingshof Exhibition
Neethlingshof Exhibition

Opening evening at I Love my Laundry
Opening evening at I Love my Laundry

Nomophelo with the painting of her
Nomophelo with the painting of her